The purpose of the Entomology Graduate Student Association shall be to serve the needs, welfare, and interests of present and future entomology graduate students. Measures to meet the needs of our current students include encouraging social interactions between students and departmental faculty and staff (Social Committee), facilitating professional interactions between students and faculty from other universities (Seminar & Special Lectures Committee), teaching members of the public what entomology is and why it is important (Displays, Exhibits & Outreach Committee), providing a computer lab and software to students (Technology & Social Media Committee), and representing the students to the governing bodies of the Entomology Department, the Graduate Student Association (GSA), and UCR as a whole (ISAC Representative, GSA Representative, and EGSA President). Meeting the needs of future graduate students is done by interacting with prospective students on their campus visits (Hospitality Committee), maintaining the EGSA website and UCR Entomology social media accounts (Technology & Social Media Committee), and seeking visibility in Riverside and the surrounding area (Displays, Exhibits & Outreach Committee). Many of these activities would be impossible without funding, and we are fortunate to be able to organize fundraising events (Fundraising & Events Committee) and sell merchandise (Merchandise Committee). We also receive funding from the GSA.

President Chrissy Dodge

Chrissy Dodge


Josh Wemmer


Austin Baker

Minister of Truth

Laura Leger
Minister of Truth

EGSA Committees
  • Fundraising & Events Committee: Kelsey Schall and Kaleigh Russell (co-chairs), Tessa Shates, Erica Sarro, Kaleigh Fisher, Mari West, Gabby Martinez, Xinmi Zhang, Laura Leger
  • Exam Committee: Ben DeMasi-Sumner
  • Merchandise Committee: Austin Baker (chair), Paul Masonick, Krissy Dominguez, Kaleigh Fisher, Carlos Rosas Sanchez, Josh Wemmer
  • Hospitality Committee: Jackie Serrano (chair), Ben DeMasi-Sumner
  • Social Committee: Deena Husein and Mari West (co-chairs), Paul Masonick, Luke Kresslein, Rachel Norris, Josh Wemmer
  • Technology & Social Media Committee: Paul Masonick and Sam Smith (co-chairs), Krissy Dominguez, Ryan Perry, Rob Straser
Departmental Representatives
  • Seminar & Special Lectures Committee: Jake Cecala & Tessa Shates
  • Website & Newsletter Committee: Deena Husein
  • Entomology Research Museum Committee: Krissy Dominguez
  • Displays, Exhibits & Outreach Committee: Nancy Power
  • GSA Representative: Kaleigh Fisher
  • ISAC Representative: Kaleigh Russell
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